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Why WordPress is a Great Resource for Small to Midsize Businesses

A company’s digital presence used to fall entirely into the hands of professional web developers, but with the introduction of WordPress, business owners gained simplified control over their website management. In modern marketing, WordPress design in Orange County has never been more streamlined— that’s why 44% of the web uses the platform*. 

Here’s why WordPress is a great resource for small to midsize businesses:

User-Friendly Interface

WordPress allows every business owner to easily maintain their website once its professionally developed. The user-friendly platform has over 59,000 of plugins available making the customization abilities almost endless. WordPress is a great investment as you can start out with the essentials and add additional features and functionality as your business grows such as eCommerce functionality, member and event registration and more.

WordPress has an intuitive interface makes publishing content easy, and you can embed media and other necessary website elements without coding making it a perfect match for small businesses.

Although WordPress does enable simplified management, not everyone knows the fundamentals required to build a website for optimal success. You’ll likely need to turn to a third party for your initial WordPress design in Orange County.

SEO Optimization in Platform

Search engine optimization is essential for driving website traffic and generating leads. Customizable permalinks, manageable metadata and optimized content come easily with WordPress, enabling users to increase search rankings with proficiency. The software was initially created to host personal blogs, simplifying the ongoing SEO process for businesses. 

WordPress features an excess of blogging tools, with the ability to schedule posts, add categories and tags and designate featured articles. Read this article to learn how to optimize blogs in WordPress.

Expanded Capabilities

WordPress powers news sites, online communities, blogs, e-commerce and many more digital spaces. It provides an online calendar for in-person events and webinars, with event registrations, email notifications and other necessary planning tools. Businesses can host portfolios, videos, custom landing pages and forums— essentially anything you need to connect your services with the online community.

You’ll be able to review and analyze your website’s progress for free with Google Analytics. Regular, data-driven analysis will help propel your website’s visibility and overall performance. If you choose professional WordPress design in Orange County, first make sure their services include data analysis. 

WordPress Design in Orange County

Turning to professional website design and development services provides the ideal foundation for your business’s website— many companies hire professional website developers or agencies to build and customize their site to make it more advantageous for future growth and development.

Creative Marketing Services can help businesses build and manage their websites for long-term success. We’ll guide you through every step of the process while providing custom training to show you how to update and manage your website easily.

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*Source: wordpress.org