Elementor is the Leading Page Builder for WordPress

Why Elementor is the Leading Page Builder for WordPress

Elementor is a free website builder plugin for WordPress. Essentially Elementor gives you a drag-and-drop interface for WordPress that works without coding as a visual builder. In Elementor, you can choose from a large assortment of 300+ ready-made templates or, build your own feature-rich site with “ Blocks” and “Elements” that you can place wherever you like – again, and best of all, no coding knowledge required. Elementor is also free to install in WordPress but we recommend the Pro level which is $59 a year as it provides a higher level of customization.

Why It’s The Best

Another outstanding reason why we name Elementor the best WordPress page builder is because while using it, you’ll be editing your pages or site from the front-end and you’ll be able to see exactly what your visitors see in their browser – which means, no more need to constantly save drafts and preview. This super handy visual feature makes the design efficiency of Elementor rank higher than other WordPress builders.

Quick List Of Elementor’s Outstanding Features:
  • Intuitive builder
  • Theme freedom; Elementor Pro works with just about any WP theme
  • Website features
  • 300+ Ready-Made Templates
  • Responsive layout structures by default
  • Design functionalities
  • Value for money
  • Help and support
  • Customer score
  • Ease of use with it’s drag-&-drop builder
  • Loading speed is above average 
Web Design Changes to the Mobile

While all Elementor templates are mobile-responsive by default, Elementor means to give its users or web designers real design control. Elementor’s Mobile Editing feature, can fine-tune the look of your site on smartphones and tablets. Which means, you can change the settings to show or hide elements, change column order and settings, and change margins based on screen size. You can even set different font sizes for different devices, to ensure the text on your site will always be easily readable.

Elementor has a built-in mobile device testing adaptability, and offers the same mobile screen as you’d get looking at your new web design through your iPhone or Android. Best of all, after you click the smart phone icon, you are within the mobile device screen. This is where you can make design adjustments using the drag-and-drop builder and see them appear in the mobile device.  

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