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What to Know About the Google Analytics 4 Update

Google Analytics’ GA4 update is set to replace standard Universal Analytics starting in March 2023. While they’ll still have access to previously tracked data, website handlers and those managing digital marketing efforts in Orange County are looking ahead to more robust and behavioral-based data sets.

Here’s what you need to know about Google’s GA4 update: 

What’s Changing?

GA4 is a new property for Google Analytics, collecting reports from multiple digital channels— including website and app data. This update will give more detailed insights into the customer journey, providing event-based data rather than primarily session-based information. 

Google Analytics users will now be able to track conversions rather than goals, accurately measure visitors’ engagement and receive a brand new set of data to promote actionable changes in real-time. You can view this article for more details. 

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Benefits for Businesses

Utilizing the power of machine learning and AI components, the GA4 update will provide businesses with fewer data limitations and more relevant insights based on behavioral events. The unification between app and web data offers a comprehensive view of your visitors’ behavior, while the simplified interface provides flexibility with custom reporting.

Digital marketers and website handlers will be able to track both quantifying data and the user journey in one convenient location— something many analytics sources haven’t been able to fully capitalize on. 

Digital Marketing in Orange County

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