The Pros And Cons Of Using AI In Marketing

When we think of AI, I bet a lot of movies come to your mind like the movie AI with Haley Joel Osment or Transformers, or Terminator. But what AI is, and what it can do for us, in the various ways we use it at our agency is not entirely Artificial Intelligence on its own, it does require human programing and implementation when we use AI in Marketing. Let us explain how AI applies to Marketing, what you should look for, and how to use it to your advantage.

What is AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation or approximation of human intelligence in machines. AI can make decisions & complete tasks like generating content or messages.

What is AI Marketing?

AI Marketing allows businesses and organizations to extract a large range of data from people. It automates decision-making processes in marketing. This means, it involves utilizing AI technologies such as: chat bots, Siri, automated email delivery, website pop ups, and Google Ads. AI Marketing uses technology to collect and analyze consumer data, observe audience behavior and economic trends that impact initiatives. Particularly in digital marketing, where speed is crucial, AI is programmed to streamline lead generation efforts.

According to Zippia, 79% of businesses say AI helps increase revenue. AI technologies help create customer profiles based on data gathered from their purchase history and interactions. This data collection allows Marketers to then deliver targeted advertisements, promotions, and new products that align with customers’ preferences.

The Pros of AI Marketing

  1. Break-through writer’s block.
  2. Delivers real-time personalized messages.
  3. Enhanced customer service and support.
  4. Save time, increase productivity and ROI.

The Cons of AI Marketing

  1. Lack of human touch and creativity.
  2. Can generate inaccurate info.
  3. Only as good as input.
  4. Duplicate content / sounds too similar.
Challenges and Risks

On occasion, machine learning algorithms can provide results that are unfairly in favor or against someone or something. Lacks critical thinking & decision–making abilities that humans have. AI doesn’t have the “human-check” logic to know if the information it’s stringing together makes sense. AI tools have limitations; Doesn’t necessarily provide up-to-date information so use carefully, fact check and don’t overly rely on AI.

Ways to Use AI in Marketing To Maximize Profits and Reduce Machine Errors

Although we have listed many reasons why AI Marketing might seem like it may not be a good investment the truth is, even with the risks or the cons involved, with just a little editing, fact-checking, and making the programming adjustments where needed the built-in AI Content Generators will save you time and money in the long run. Here are some ways the Content Generator in your chosen platform can do that: 

List Source: HubSpot

  • “List [number] ideas for blog posts about [topic]”
  • “Write a minute-long video script about [product, service, company].”
  • “Write [number] Google Ad headlines from [url] insert url.
  • “Write an email subject line convincing potential customers to switch to our service.”
  • “Write a description for a [product type] and include [product attributes].”
  • “Generate questions for a Facebook poll about [topic].”
If You Are Considering Investing in or learning more about AI Marketing, We Can Help

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