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These days it’s reported that 65% or more of all emails are read on mobile devices so it’s important that you’re designing your email campaigns to provide the best user experience. In other words, when creating your email newsletters or email promotions, no longer design them for the desktop user, but specifically design them for mobile.

5 Tips for Mobile-friendly Emails:

  1. Include One Call to Action

  2. Use a Single Column Layout

  3. Content – Less is More!

  4. Use Larger Fonts

  5. Test it Out!

Eliminate having a sidebar or multi-column layout, instead go with a single column which will render better on mobile devices. If you’re readers have to “pinch to enlarge” to read the content or have a challenge viewing the information that you’re sharing with them, they’re not going to spend the time to try to make it work and as a result you’ve lost the opportunity to engage your audience and share your message with them.

Instead use a single column layout, with one call to action (within the upper 25% of the email, above the scroll), focus on less is more when it comes to the content, use larger font sizes (22 pt for headlines, 12 pt for body content) and be sure to test it out! Send yourself a test both on mobile as well as desktop, check all links, layout and spell check before scheduling your email.

The average person looks at their phone approximately 150 times per day, so don’t miss the opportunity to connect with your target audience with a great looking mobile-friendly email!

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