15 ways to grow your email list


Email marketing can be the most cost-effective method to reach your target audience and therefore a top priority should be increasing the size of your permission based database. There are a number of great ways to easily grow your email database and we’ve included the proven TOP 10 Methods here:

1. Website

Convert website visitors into subscribers by adding an email sign up form to every page of your website. Provide compelling benefits for subscribers, such as exclusive offers, expert tips, news, etc. Adding a dynamic popup form can increase conversions by 150%.

2. Social Media

Add email sign up form (or link to sign up form) to social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. In addition, on a semi-regular basis create posts encouraging people to sign up and include link to the online form.  It’s important that you convert your fans into subscribers. 

3. Forward to a Friend

Include a “Forward to a Friend” button in your email newsletter or campaign. This will help reminder your subscribers to forward your email to friends or family that may benefit from your products, services or valuable tips that you’ve included in that issue.

4. Join My List Button

Include a “Join My Mailing List” button so when your subscribers forward your email their friends or family they can easily sign up to receive your future emails with one click of the button.

5. Events

Make the most out of your events by including an email sign up form and include a sample of a past newsletter/ email campaign. Also include a sign that includes bullet point with compelling benefits for subscribers and indicate how frequently they will receive emails from you.

6. Showroom/ Office

At your reception desk, add an email sign up form along with a sign that includes bullet point with compelling benefits for subscribers and indicate how frequently they will receive emails from you.

7. Text to Join

At events that you’re participating at like trade shows, exhibits or presentations, create a “Text to Join” sign where people can text to sign up for your email newsletters. You can also create a QR Code where people can scan to opt-in to your list. What great ways to streamline the opt-in process and eliminate the need for you to have to manually enter their data! These tools are available from email service providers like Constant Contact. 

8. New Customers

Ask each new customer if they’d like to sign up to receive your email newsletters/ campaigns. Give them the list of benefits for signing up and let them know that you will never share their information with anyone.

9. Strategic Partners

This is a great way to significantly expand your visibility. Feature your strategic partner that may offer complementary products or services to your business in your email newsletter and include a link to their website or email sign up. In turn, have your strategic partner feature your business in their email newsletter with a link to sign up for your emails.

Note: don’t just add your strategic partner’s email list into your database. These people have not given you their permission to email them and as a result you may get a high SPAM report which can have a negative effect on your email marketing.

10. Contest or Sweepstakes

Feature a contest or sweepstake which includes an exciting grand prize suited for your target audience when they agree to sign up for your emails.

Note: Research official contest or sweepstakes rules and regulations prior to launching this promotion to make sure that it is in compliance.

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